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For today entry, i would like to share a little bit about something quite important for all of you nowaday. It is about on how to take care of your HDD a.k.a Hard Disk Drive.

So, as usual, i did a google on topic hard disk drive care on as a result, i found this article, so my regular duty to keep on sharing any information, i quote the whole article right HERE.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 15, 2009 – Use of Computers that are too long without any treatment from the owner may cause decreased computer performance. One of the causes decreased computer performance is Harddisk. As we know, hard drives have a very important role in terms of data storage.

All the important data in data stored in the computer if one day the harddisk. hard disk becomes damaged and you have not had time to backup data .. so your important data will disappear immediately.

Although existing software that can restore the data that was deleted data, but it would be nice reply us from the beginning has been prevented in advance so that such things will not happen. As the saying goes, an umbrella ready before the rains.

The way we do to prevent it is to perform maintenance on the hard drive .. as for how these

1.Install an antivirus just in case if there is a virus that will attack and destroy your data .. You should update the antivirus routinely.

2.Try to always make backups of important data.

3.Use ScanDisk to check whether there bad sector in the disk.

4. Always do defragment for data 2 weeks once so that data within the hard disk is always neat.

5.Use third-party software to clean junk files, duplicate files, and recycle bin .. you can use the System Cleaner

6. Don't remove too often and put back into the hard disk for CPU. Hard hit by turmoil very sensitive, then the data in the hard disk data loss risk.

7.Don't store too much data until hard disk just only a few kilobyte remain .. but give little space to hard disk is not too congested at least reserving about 200 MB .. if you use Windows OS will usually appear warning if we drive too full.

8.Uninstall useless programs so that do not burden the hard disk

9 Use UPS or Stavolt point if we use the UPS is if when we're using the computer power suddenly went out, the computer will not directly went out. So we can save the new data first and turn off.the computer, Computer who die suddenly, without the prior shutdown will make a hard disk is fast damaged.

10. Enough ventilation.
Do not put the CPU is too crowded places or narrow .. because it can make the air can not get out, causing hard disk become hot . So, you should select the CPU that has a lot of fans and put a little wide place ..

Personal view of this matter,
- Try do all this 10 tips on your HDD at least once a month. Don't be a lazy person who just know to use it without knowing on how to look after it.

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